Sarah C. Boone Joins Marshack Hays LLP

Marshack Hays LLP is pleased to welcome Sarah C. Boone. Ms. Boone joined the firm in April 2011 as an associate attorney, and arrives with substantial experience in business and civil litigation as well as bankruptcy matters.

She is an excellent writer and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California. We also think clients of the firm find her to be focused on them as people and highly capable of dealing with the challenges of a busy practice.

Of course, Ms. Boone’s legal experience is worth a quick review. She has represented Trustees on behalf of secured and unsecured creditors where disputes often involve lenders, trade creditors, landlords and individuals. She also has extensive litigation experience—including securities actions involving public companies’ violations of the Securities Act and the Securities Exchange Act—under the umbrella of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act.

Ms. Boone is an engaging presence and we are happy to add her valuable litigation, bankruptcy and writing skills to our practice. For more information you may visit her web profile here or download it in pdf form here.